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Most Recent Playlist - 2015 Season Highlights


Collected here are artists featured in the most recent season, which ended on August 30.  The first of these clips was recorded at the beginning of the season, while others represent earlier performances by 2015 companies.  For those unable to visit Jacob’s Pillow in full flower, these videos offer a hint of the excellence and diversity on view this past season.

Ballet BC

Consagración, 2015

Ballet BC’s latest performance video was our most-requested offering in the newly-expanded and renamed Norton Owen Reading Room this past season.  This clip from Gustavo Ramírez Sansano’s take on “The Rite of Spring” offers a tantalizing glimpse of this company’s superb dancers.

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Streb / Ringside

Little Ease, 1997

Elizabeth Streb joined us in person for a screening of Born to Fly, programmed as part of the Weekend Out festivities celebrating LGBTQ connections with the dance community.  Here’s a throwback to the 1997 season, showing Streb herself in a signature solo.

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New York Theatre Ballet

"Come to Me, Bend to Me" from Brigadoon, 2007

Prior to this season’s opening-week Cinderella in the Doris Duke Theatre, New York Theatre Ballet had made two previous appearances on Inside/Out.  Here’s an excerpt from their 2007 debut, showcasing Agnes de Mille’s choreography for Brigadoon in an incomparable setting.

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Dorrance Dance

The Blues Project, 2013

This collaboration between Michelle Dorrance and Toshi Reagon represents one of the few works that has returned to the Pillow by popular demand, seen this past season only two years after its premiere.  Here’s a clip from the original 2013 production in the Doris Duke Theatre.

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And at midnight the green bride floated through the village square..., 2013

BODYTRAFFIC’s Pillow debut in 2013 brought together both old and new, showcasing the legendary Yemeni performer Margalit Oved in a work created by her son, Barak Marshall.

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Big Dance Theater

Supernatural Wife, 2011

Annie-B Parson and Paul Lazar were the winners of the very first Jacob’s Pillow Dance Award, and their 2011 Supernatural Wife featured one of their trademark mashups, combining a Euripides play with the script for the film His Girl Friday.

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Alonzo King's LINES Ballet

Migration, 2008

One of the works presented this past season by LINES Ballet, Biophony, featured a score comprised largely of sounds from the animal kingdom, indicating an interest in the natural world that also informed Alonzo King’s earlier work seen here.

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Daniel Ulbricht / Ballet 2014

Fancy Free, 2014

The work of Jerome Robbins had been absent from Pillow stages since 1949 until Daniel Ulbricht brought Fancy Free back to the Ted Shawn Theatre in 2014.  Ulbricht’s company introduced another Robbins classic to the Pillow as part of their repertory this past season.

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Jessica Lang Dance

Lines Cubed, 2012

Jessica Lang has enjoyed a particularly close connection with the Pillow ever since her company made its official debut here in 2012 with this performance.  Part of the work she presented in 2015, a full-evening dance called The Wanderer, was choreographed during a Creative Development Residency last fall.

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La Otra Orilla

El12 (el doce), 2013

La Otra Orilla presented a world premiere this past season, though it’s hard to imagine anything more original than the work they performed for their Pillow debut in 2013, an eye-popping multi-media presentation that showed flamenco in a whole new light.

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Liz Gerring Dance Company

she dreams in code, 2012

As recipient of the 2015 Jacob’s Pillow Dance Award, Liz Gerring returned to the Pillow with heightened expectations.  Here’s her 2012 Pillow debut in a full-evening non-narrative contemporary dance, a description that also fits the work she presented this past season.

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Martha Graham Dance Company

Rust, 2013

One of the challenges faced by the Martha Graham Dance Company in the years after Graham’s death has been creating new work in the absence of their founding artistic voice.  A recent success may be sampled here – a Nacho Duato work created especially for some of Graham’s superlative men dancers.

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