Alonzo King's LINES Ballet

Recorded at Jacob's Pillow: 
July 24, 2008

Founded in 1982 by Alonzo King, LINES is a contemporary ballet company based in San Francisco, with its own permanent home known as the LINES Dance Center. King has been acclaimed as a visionary who draws upon a diverse set of deeply-rooted cultural traditions, altering the way we look at ballet. His work is in the repertories of leading companies around the world and he is the recipient of many prestigious honors including the 2008 Jacob's Pillow Dance Award. The full-company work excerpted here carries a subtitle—"The hierarchical migration of birds and mammals"—and its abstract imagery indeed evokes the delicate beauty of winged creatures.

Dance Title: Migration
Choreography: Alonzo King (2006)
Music: Miguel Frasconi, Leslie Stuck
Soloists: Meredith Webster, Brett Conway