Dance: The Spirit of Cambodia

Recorded at Jacob's Pillow: 
August 15, 2001

Jacob's Pillow has nurtured and supported the continuation of Cambodia's traditional dance arts in various ways beginning with the first U.S. appearance by former members of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia in 1981. Several extended residencies in the 1990s offered opportunities for young Cambodian immigrants living in the U.S. to study with dance masters who had managed to survive the brutal regime known as the Khmer Rouge. The work seen here dates to the 16th century, at roughly the same time The Peony Pavilion was first presented. Reamker is a Cambodian interpretation of the Ramayana story, a tale also explored in Thai culture and presented at the Pillow by Pichet Klunchun.

Dance Title: Reamker
Director: Proeung Chhieng