David Parsons

Recorded at Jacob's Pillow: 
August 29, 1989

Known for his wit and boundless energy, David Parsons has been making dances for nearly thirty years. From 1978 through 1987, he was a leading member of the Paul Taylor Dance Company, performing with them at Jacob’s Pillow for five seasons during this period. He launched the Parsons Dance Company at the Pillow, first appearing on Inside/Out in 1987 and returning to the Ted Shawn Theatre many times since, most recently in 2002. While his primary focus has been choreographing for his own company, he has also created new works for American Ballet Theatre and the New York City Ballet. In addition, he has fostered the work of other choreographers, programming dances by Robert Battle when Battle was a member of the Parsons Dance Company. The very first work created by Parsons, Caught, never fails to elicit audience gasps as it simulates the effect of both effortless floating and soaring through the air.

Dance Title: Caught
Choreography: David Parsons (1982)
Music: Robert Fripp