Garth Fagan Dance

Recorded at Jacob's Pillow: 
August 23, 2002

Choreographer Garth Fagan (1940- ) founded his Rochester-based company in 1970, originally calling it Bottom of the Bucket, BUT… Dance Theater. Eventually it became Garth Fagan’s Bucket Dance Theater, then Garth Fagan Bucket Dance, and finally Garth Fagan Dance. The company's Pillow performances span more than three decades, beginning in 1974. Fagan's singular dance language draws on many sources: the sense of weight in modern dance, the torso-centered movement and energy of Afro-Caribbean, the speed and precision of ballet, and the experimental spirit of the post-moderns. His choreography for The Lion King can be seen on Broadway and in various other productions worldwide, and he has also created works for other companies and dancers such as the New York City Ballet and Judith Jamison. The title of the work seen here refers to an old Seneca Indian trail in Wheatland, New York.

Dance Title: Oatka Trail
Choreography: Garth Fagan (1979)
Music: Antonín Dvořák
Performers: Chris Morrison, Norwood Pennewell
Filmmaker: Carvin Eison