LDP/Laboratory Dance Project

Recorded at Jacob's Pillow: 
July 28, 2011

This young international company was founded in 2001 by graduates of the Korean National University of Arts, whose Dance Department was Korea's first dance conservatory. Based in Seoul, the group emphasizes physically-charged, acrobatic works. They tour throughout the world, and had collaborated with companies in Germany, Italy, and Switzerland before making its U.S. debut in 2010. The work seen here, Modern Feeling, won the Grand Prix at the Seoul International Choreographer Festival in 2008. One of the dancers is choreographer Insoo Lee, who is known for his origins as a street dancer and hip-hop competition winner.

Dance Title: Modern Feeling
Choreography: Insoo Lee (2008)
Music: Portishead ("Nylon Smile")
Performers: Insoo Lee, Jinyook Ryu