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Most Recent Playlist - One-Word Titles

Some choreographers have been amazingly succinct in titling their works, and here are just a few examples where the essence of a dance has been distilled into a single word.

Alonzo King's LINES Ballet

Grace, 2022

Alonzo King’s 2022 program opened with this gem, followed by three other excerpts under the collective title of Four Heart Testaments.

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SNAP, 2022

Micaela Taylor’s title was derived from her intention for this dance, urging viewers to ‘snap out of’ social pressures to conform.

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Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

Antidote, 2022

Antidote had its world premiere at the Pillow’s 2022 Gala, with a title derived from the writings of Al Suhrawardy, a 12th century Sufi poet.

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Elizabeth Streb

Tip, 2021

The custom-made apparatus used in this mesmerizing group work was the obvious source of Streb’s title.

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Natural Dance Theatre

Alice, 2008

This dance by Japanese choreographer Shinji Nakamura derived its title from Alice in Wonderland, combining the spirit of Lewis Carroll’s fantasy with his own childhood memories.

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Susan Marshall & Company

Kiss, 2005

The suspension of time that sometimes accompanies a kiss was Susan Marshall’s point of departure when conceiving this signature work, created in a Pillow residency.

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Passion, 2002

In this full-evening work, Moses Pendleton offers his vision of a world where body, mind, and spirit are united as one.

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Urban Tap

Caravane, 2001

Choreographer/dancer Herbin van Cayseele has his own one-word moniker, as he is widely known as Tamango.

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Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble

Nocturne, 1996

Donald McKayle premiered Nocturne at the Pillow in 1953, more than 40 years before it was seen again here.

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Mikhail Baryshnikov

Pergolesi, 1995

Twyla Tharp made this solo especially for Mikhail Baryshnikov, taking its title from the work’s composer.

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JAZZDANCE by Danny Buraczeski

Fission, 1994

Danny Buraczeski considered this work to be a turning point in his artistic development, using classic jazz music (by Dave Brubeck) for the first time.

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David Parsons

Caught, 1989

This classic David Parsons solo has one of the most apt titles imaginable, as Parsons himself is repeatedly “caught” mid-air.

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Gisela Noriega

Leyenda, 1972

Mexican dancer/choreographer Gisela Noriega borrowed her title (which translates as “legend”) from the Albéniz music, as it’s an alternate name for his classic “Asturias.”

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Pearl Primus

Spirituals, 1950

Primus researched, documented, and performed a wide range of African diasporic traditions, including African-American spirituals like this one.

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Jean Léon Destiné & Jeanne Ramon

Martinique, 1950

The title of this traditional dance is an homage to the Caribbean island of the same name, where Creole dances like this one were commonly practiced.

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José Limón

Chaconne, 1948

José Limón took the title of his dance from Bach’s music, which has been added to a silent film of Limón himself to bring this rare footage to life.

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