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Most Recent Playlist - Dancing Directors

The distinguishing common characteristic of these videos is that we see the company director as a member of the ensemble. While dancing alongside other company performers may be viewed as a self-effacing gesture, it can also be risky—inviting comparisons with fellow dancers.

Paul Taylor Dance Company

Concertiana, 2019

After taking over the directorship of the Paul Taylor Dance Company, Michael Novak continued performing this role in Taylor’s final work where he seems to step out of the crowd—perhaps anticipating his own ascendancy.

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Caleb Teicher & Company

Bzzz, 2019

The prodigiously talented Caleb Teicher functions as just another member of the group here, though the shock of white hair on his forehead makes him easy to spot.

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Seán Curran Company

Folk Dances for the Future (Traditional Methods/Postmodern Techniques), 2004

Seán Curran gives himself one humorous solo moment in this excerpt, but we otherwise see him here as part of two different trios—combining the forms of Irish step dancing and contemporary dance in his own inimitable way.

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Rosy Co.

Chinoise Flower, 2000

Choreographer Kota Yamazaki places himself among nine other performers who careen through the stage space with alarming speed, constantly shifting the focus through overlapping entrances and exits.

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Mal Pelo

Sur-Perros del Sur, 1992

Company co-directors Pep Ramis and María Muñoz are the performers seen screaming at each other in this clip, while the work’s third performer hangs from a rope.

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Doug Varone

The Bench Quartet, 2003

Surrounding himself with fellow dancers of his own generation, Doug Varone programmed this early work on a unique evening of chamber dances that he designated as “Doug Varone’s Short Fictions.”

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Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE

Water, 1999

Brown positions himself as the most visible dancer in a lineup at the start of this clip, but he soon blends into the group as the movement begins.

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JAZZDANCE by Danny Buraczeski

Swing Concerto, 1995

Watch for Danny Buraczeski’s entrance as the middle dancer in a group of three who enter about halfway through this clip, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off him after that!

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Halau Hula O Hoakalei

Aia Moloka'i Ku'u Iwa, 1990

Throughout most of the performance, Helen Hoakalei Kamau’u was tucked among the musicians behind the greenery, but she ventured into center stage for this special encore.

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Trisha Brown Dance Company

Lateral Pass, 1986

While Trisha Brown is the lone dancer who remains visible when the curtain closes in a theatrical coup, each dancer here is seen as a distinct individual with his or her own trajectory.

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Charles Moulton Dance Company

Display, 1981

There is no apparent hierarchy among these three dancers, aside from the fact that one of them is the choreographer whose name is on the company.

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Merce Cunningham Dance Company

Septet, 1955

Cunningham himself can be seen here darting about the stage in a dark leotard, from his company’s Pillow debut in 1955.

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