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Most Recent Playlist - ¡Flamenco!

Prominently featured in Pillow programming since 1942 when Argentinita and Pilar Lopez performed in the Ted Shawn Theatre’s first season, flamenco and Spanish dance have enjoyed consistent popularity with the public.

Irene Rodríguez

Amaranto, 2019

Irene Rodríguez’s powerhouse solo brought down the house when her company presented its first performances in the Ted Shawn Theatre.

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Compañía Irene Rodríguez

Pena Negra, 2017

The world premiere of this group work was the climax of Irene Rodríguez’s Pillow debut.

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Juan Siddi Flamenco Santa Fe

Fiesta Flamenca, 2016

This engagement coincided with performances in the Ted Shawn Theatre by Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, the parent organization of Juan Siddi Flamenco Santa Fe.

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La Otra Orilla

Moi&lesAutres, 2015

With a title that translates literally as “Me and the Others,” this work was a world premiere by a Montreal-based company that had made its U.S. debut at the Pillow two years earlier.

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La Otra Orilla

El12 (el doce), 2013

Seen here in its U.S. debut, La Otra Orilla presented a multi-media exploration of the number twelve and its many symbolic and mystical associations.

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Belén Maya and Rocío Molina

"Paso a Dos" from MUJERES, 2009

This intense contemporary work was only element in a full evening of eight solos and duets, seen here in its only U.S. engagement.

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Compañía María Pagés

La Tirana, 2003

La Tirana is one of María Pagés’s most popular works, inspired by a famous Goya painting that hangs in the Prado.

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Pilar Rioja

Guajira, 1997

Although Pilar Rioja was 65 at the time of this performance, it’s easy to see why she was known as the Queen of Spanish Dance.

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José Greco II

Farruca, 1997

As the son of a legendary Spanish dancer, José Greco II has carried on the family tradition, as has his sister Carmela, a faculty member for the Pillow’s Flamenco and Spanish Dance Program in 2019.

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María Benítez Teatro Flamenco

Solea, 1996

A household name in her adopted home of Santa Fe, María Benítez displays her fiery persona in this excerpt from her final Pillow appearance.

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Teodoro Morca

Freedom, 1979

This represents one of six Pillow engagements by Teo Morca, who is seen here in one of his original works juxtaposing Spanish dance and classical music.

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Gisela Noriega

Leyenda, 1972

This film of a mesmerizing solo performance was unknown for nearly 50 years, resurfacing only after the filmmaker’s daughter donated this and other rare treasures to the Pillow Archives.

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Luis Rivera Spanish Dance Company

Intermezzo from the opera Goyescas, 1972

Another rediscovered gem from the early 1970s, this film captures the charismatic Luis Rivera, whose career was cut tragically short by AIDS when he was only 54.

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Carola Goya & Matteo, 1963

This excerpt from a television documentary captures two Pillow stalwarts who were regular presences both onstage and in the studio from the 1950s through the 1970s.

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