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New in 2018

Most of the dances collected here premiered at Jacob’s Pillow in 2018 while others were performed first elsewhere. But Pillow audiences were among the first to see each and every one of the works excerpted.

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New in 2018


Ephrat Asherie Dance

Odeon, 2018

The music of Brazilian composer Ernesto Nazareth was the starting point for this engaging work by rising young choreographer Ephrat Asherie. The dance was partially developed in Pillow Lab residencies—including the very first residency hosted in the new Perles Family Studio.

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Warp & Weft, 2018

Premiered at American Dance Festival just before the company’s Pillow engagement, this work showcased three powerful women of Pilobolus—becoming the first female trio in the company’s 47-year history.

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Paramodernities by Netta Yerushalmy

Revelations: The Afterlives of Slavery, A Response to Alvin Ailey’s "Revelations" (1960), 2018

This ambitious work emerged from multiple Pillow Lab residencies, offering choreographer Netta Yerushalmy an opportunity to delve into the Pillow Archives while developing her own unique relationship to enduring dance classics like Revelations.

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Dorrance Dance

All Good Things Come to an End, 2018

This world premiere was performed by its four creators in an exhilarating tour-de-force. A review in The Berkshire Edge raved, “We couldn’t resist tapping our feet, gasping at the brilliant fusion of riff and gesture, and connecting to overwhelming personal narratives.”

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Houston Ballet

Just, 2018

This was the second world premiere by Stanton Welch presented at the Pillow in recent years—following the Joffrey Ballet’s Son of Chamber Symphony in 2012. Both works demonstrate Welch’s affinity for contemporary music, here a mesmerizing choral work by David Lang.

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Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE

New Conversations, 2018

At least one of the “conversations” that Ronald K. Brown must have had in mind when he titled this world premiere was the remarkable give-and-take between his dancers and the musicians of Arturo O’Farrill. Both the music and the dance were honed here during a Pillow Lab residency.

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Kinetic Light

Under Momentum, 2018

Displaying the impressive flexibility of artists at the height of their powers, choreographers/performers Alice Sheppard and Laurel Lawson switched gears shortly before the premiere of Under Momentum, moving their virtuosic new work inside because of inclement weather.

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