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Celebrating Connections

The intricacies of dancing together are embodied in each of these videos, emphasizing how interconnected we all are.

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Celebrating Connections



S, 2014

You’ll see why audiences gasped as you watch the incredible interweavings of these remarkable dancing athletes (or athlete-dancers?). This Australia-based troupe demonstrates split-second timing and virtuosic partnering in a work known simply as S. Marvel at what the human body can do, but please don’t try any of this at home!

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Doug Elkins Choreography, Etc.

Hapless Bizarre, 2014

Although they shift in and out of countless permutations throughout this two minute excerpt, the quartet of dancers seen here never lose contact with each other. This clip of Hapless Bizarre demonstrates the endless wit and creativity of Doug Elkins, who began developing this work at the Pillow as part of a 2013 Creative Development Residency.

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Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

The Heart(s)pace, 2014

These six dancers aren’t always as fully connected as the Elkins group, but it’s fascinating to watch the constantly shifting links between them. Nicolo Fonte’s The Heart(s)pace was the closing work on Aspen Santa Fe’s 2014 program and thus became the last work to be seen in the Pillow’s entire season.

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Martha Graham Dance Company

Rust, 2013

In this excerpt from Nacho Duato’s Rust, the all-male quintet offers a haunting meditation on torture, created especially for these distinctive Graham performers.

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Lucy Guerin Inc

Structure and Sadness, 2010

Australian choreographer Lucy Guerin contemplates a historic bridge collapse in her inventive Structure and Sadness, using the simplest of props to illustrate both the construction and the destruction.

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Doug Varone

The Bench Quartet, 2003

For a specially-assembled chamber presentation in 2003 entitled Doug Varone’s Short Fictions, a stellar cast of venerable dancers illustrates the power of gesture in this excerpt from The Bench Quartet.

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Teatro Hugo & Inés

Short Stories, 1999

These Peru-based puppeteers combine their own hands and feet to create an entirely separate being in Short Stories, tracing the full cradle-to-grave life cycle in an admirably concise and poignant two minutes.

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Steve Paxton

Improvisation Project, 1998

A mover and shaker since the early 1960s, this iconic artist launched both the Judson Dance Theater and Grand Union, and invented the form known as Contact Improvisation, succinctly described here.

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