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Immersive Environments

While any live performance can offer an immersive experience, these works feature all-encompassing environments of special distinction.

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Immersive Environments


Compagnia TPO

Bleu!, 2014

Audiences of all ages were enraptured by the undersea worlds depicted in a full-evening work entitled Bleu! This Italian company of visionaries specializes in presentations using an interactive stage floor with ever-changing imagery, welcoming audience members to actively participate.

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LeeSaar The Company

Grass and Jackals, 2014

The final minutes of LeeSaar’s audacious Grass and Jackals features a jaw-dropping visual effect, a “rain curtain” that suddenly places the dancers behind transparent streams of hot glue emanating from 25 feet above the stage. Seeing is believing!

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La Otra Orilla

El12 (el doce), 2013

This company’s Pillow debut in 2013 featured a full-evening exploration of the number twelve, entitled El12 (el doce). Projections helped create a multi-media world that encompassed flamenco dance in a unique way.

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zoe | juniper

A Crack in Everything, 2011

The Doris Duke Theater’s technical resources have rarely been used as imaginatively as in this striking new work, conceived during a Creative Development Residency at the Pillow and seen here in its world premiere. With action taking place on both sides of a semi-transparent scrim, the dance employs unusual costumes and elaborate make-up to create its own special environment.

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Garth Fagan Dance

Oatka Trail, 2002

Because Garth Fagan created his Oatka Trail to evoke a Native American site, he wanted to film it on the Ted Shawn Theatre stage to capture the outdoor ambience.

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Zaccho Dance Theatre

Invisible Wings, 1998

Joanna Haigood’s exploration of the Pillow’s Underground Railroad history for Zaccho Dance Theatre thrilled audiences by plunging them into an entirely new world.

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