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Curated by Brian Seibert

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Brian Seibert

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Sam Weber

Once a stellar member of the Jazz Tap Ensemble, this mild-mannered fellow is an ace jazz musician, one of the greatest tap dancers of his day.

Jason Samuels Smith

Few dancers, in their debut performances at Jacob’s Pillow, can have made an entrance as head-turning as Jason Samuels Smith’s.

Jazz Tap Ensemble

At the time of its Jacob's Pillow debut in 1983, Jazz Tap Ensemble was in the vanguard of a new phase in the history of tap dancing.

Roll Over, Ted Shawn: Tap at Jacob’s Pillow

A comprehensive look at the history of tap at the Pillow, from its tentative beginnings in the 1940s to the full flowering today.

Michelle Dorrance

Jacob's Pillow Dance Award winner Michelle Dorrance has been lauded as one of today's most imaginative tap choreographers.

Gregory Hines

Alone among the hoofers of his generation, Gregory Hines was a star on Broadway and in the movies, and the memory of his singular Pillow performance lives on.

Dianne Walker

Widely known as "Lady Di", Dianne Walker is a Boston-based artist who is among the few internationally-recognized women in tap.