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Maura Keefe

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The Jacob’s Pillow Costume Collection

After decades of obscurity when they were packed into touring trunks and largely unseen, dance costumes from the early 20th century have emerged to become an invaluable resource for research.

Pointe Spread: The Marvel of Regional Ballet

This personalized survey of ballet companies throughout the U.S. focuses particular attention on still-thriving companies in Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco, Washington, and Houston, with nods to two defunct troupes, The Buffalo Ballet and Trey McIntyre Project.

When the Ballet Came to Jacob’s Pillow

In the summer of 1941, world famous ballet dancers Anton Dolin and Alicia Markova rented Ted Shawn’s farm and studio, known as Jacob’s Pillow. The two stars ran a residency for Ballet Theatre as well as an International Dance Festival and School. These seldom-discussed events led to the formal incorporation of the Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival and the building of the Ted Shawn Theatre.

What is Dance’s Relationship with Live Music?

Live music adds an extra layer of liveness to a performance, one that encourages performers to tune in to one another and that invites audiences to experience heightened sensual awareness.

Contemporary Bharatanatyam at Jacob’s Pillow

From the 1950s to the present day, Bharatanatyam has found a home on all the Pillow's stages. Among the artists represented are Ram Gopal, Shanta Rao, Indrani, Nala Najan, Chandralekha, Shobana Jeyasingh, Malavika Sarukkai, and more.

Uncovering Jazz Elements in the Work of Contemporary Choreographers

The elements of jazz are embedded in the fabric of American culture. This essay explores the jazz elements found in the work of contemporary dance artists of the African Diaspora.

The Israeli Delegation: Artists from the Holy Land

In recent years, Israel has emerged as a vibrant international dance capital. This essay looks at the Israeli artists that have visited the Pillow, with particular focus on the Batsheva Dance Company, the work of Ohad Naharin, and the influence of Gaga, his movement research.

Broadway in Becket: The American Musical Theater and Jacob’s Pillow

From the festival’s beginning, musical theater dance has found a home at Jacob’s Pillow. This essay looks at the influence of Broadway choreographers at the Pillow, and the choreographers who have blurred the borders between concert dance and the commercial stage.
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