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Women in Dance

Curated by Maura Keefe

An Introduction By

Maura Keefe

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Discovering La Meri’s Open Borders

Devoted to the study and teaching of world cultures for decades, La Meri interacted with such dance icons as Ruth St. Denis, Ted Shawn, Ann Hutchinson Guest, and Pina Bausch.

Introduction to Bharatanatyam and T. Balasaraswati

Prefaced by an explanation of the Bharatanatyam style of Indian classical dance, the legacy of Balasaraswati's U.S. debut at Jacob's Pillow is explored in depth.

In Place and Time: Dance as a Conduit for Embodied History

Dance, historically, has offered a portal between planes of existence, past and present, and embodied alternate realities. This essay explores this act of transcendence through works by Eiko Otake and Joanna Haigood.

Myriam Allard

A practitioner of what she calls "radical Flamenco," Myriam Allard is the co-artistic director and choreographer of La Otra Orilla, along with singer Hedi Graja.

Nina Ananiashvili

A rare dancer who moves across national and stylistic boundaries, Ananiashvili inhabits characters created by Bournonville and Balanchine with equal aplomb.

Michelle Dorrance

Jacob's Pillow Dance Award winner Michelle Dorrance has been lauded as one of today's most imaginative tap choreographers.

Monica Bill Barnes

Monica Bill Barnes leads a New York-based company whose mission is to celebrate individuality, humor, and the innate theatricality of daily life.

Camille A. Brown

A powerhouse dancer with expansive reach and bravura, Brown creates work that combines modern and postmodern dance, West African forms, and vernacular dances.
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