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Men in Dance

An Introduction By

Sydney Skybetter

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Ted Shawn and The Defense of the Male Dancer

This essay provides an overview of Ted Shawn’s choreography for men and its place within his lifelong mission to establish dance as a respectable profession for men in the United States.

The Day Merce Died

Not only did Merce Cunningham's career intersect with Jacob's Pillow throughout the decades, but his final days are now inextricably linked to his company's last Pillow engagement.

The Haunting of Adam Weinert by Ted Shawn

Recent performances of Ted Shawn’s repertory by choreographer Adam Weinert pose questions of how dances relate to the times in which they’re performed.

Mark Morris, Musician

Mark Morris’s use of live music has evolved from a preference to an imperative, and this essay presents three examples of how music drives his creative process.

Ghost Notation

Motion capture and Labanotation have been employed to document dance, but the art form's impermanence has long posed challenges to historians and those who wish to preserve it.

Ted Talks

The contradictory career of Jacob’s Pillow founder, Ted Shawn, offers a lens to consider trends in dance history as well as our contemporary moment.

Bad Boys

A look back at the founding of the “Bad Boys of Dance” and the career of dance artist Rasta Thomas.